Biden eases tension with EU

United States President Joe Biden ended one front in a Trump-era trade war when he met European Union leaders recently by agreeing to a truce in a transatlantic dispute over aircraft subsidies that has dragged on for 17 years, reports Al Jazeera.

“The world has changed, changed utterly,” Biden said. He told EU institution leaders that the bloc and the US working together was “the best answer to deal with these changes” that he said brought “great anxiety”.

He earlier told reporters he had very different opinions from his predecessor. “I think we have great opportunities to work closely with the EU as well as NATO and we feel quite good about it,” Biden said.

“It’s overwhelmingly in the interest of the USA to have a great relationship with NATO and the EU. I have very different views than my predecessor,” he added.

Biden also repeated his mantra — “America is back” — and spoke of the need to provide good jobs for European and American workers, particularly after the economic impact of COVID-19.



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